Nrf1 (NFE2L1) Signaling in Homeostasis: Latest Advances


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Cardiac regeneration; Ferroptosis; GPx4; Lipid droplet; Longevity; NFE2L1; Nrf1; Nrf2


The nuclear factor E2-related factor 1 (Nrf1 or NFE2L1) is a member of the CNC family of leucine zipper transcription factors, which also includes Nrf2, the most extensively studied transcriptional regulator of antioxidant genes. Like Nrf2, Nrf1 also regulates some antioxidant genes; however, it acts differently from Nrf2 in regulating many other cellular processes. This Cutting-Edge Research Highlights discusses some of the latest research findings on Nrf1 signaling in such biological processes as (1) cardiac regeneration, (2) GPx4-dependent ferroptosis, and (3) prolongevity. These advances have broadened the spectrum of Nrf1 physiological functions.

(First online: February 25, 2023)


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